Thursday, December 27, 2012

Barack Obama Smokes Cigarettes

What brand of cigarettes does Barack Obama smoke?
Now that it is out the he is still struggling to quit, does anyone know what brand he smokes? BTW, I don't need any stupid drug references. Thanks.
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Marlboro Reds and Nicorette gum.

Nice to see some honesty from politicians
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obama smoked weed to as a young man and so did many more…did that prevent him from becoming the p. of the u.s. of a…? jus goes to show the insignificance of marijuana…you'all are a joke…lock him up you say..? you should be ... In relation to cigarettes and nicotine a legal taxable drug the comparisons are obvious similarly in relation to alcohol, another taxable drug…how strange. ... President Obama on his on will told the people that he had smoke weed. 2.

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Dear members of the Secret Service who were recently in Myanmar and who may have recently thrown a kegger while accompanying Barack Obama on his tour of Southeast Asia: you owe Anthony Bourdain big time.