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Filter Tubes For Cigarettes

What size cigarette did the old Laredo cigarette machine fill?
I remember as a kid helping my adult cousin make his own cigarettes from a Laredo kit, which had the tobacco in a tin, paper tubes with filter ends and the plug-type filters with cigarette packs for the finished product to go into.

I recall many times watching TV with my cousin while making cigarettes with his ingenious machine, and the interesting conversations we would have during these earlier times.

The Laredo machine was an ingenious system as it was simple, quick and easy to use, and I've gotten to wondering what size of cigarette tube (that is the part you fill with tobacco which has the plug filter and tobacco inserted into it) was filled?

Back in those years (1970's) I doubt there was much variety in sizes like are available today, but I really don't remember these sorts of details from so long ago. (I'm pretty sure the machine could only handle one size tube)

Does anybody recall the length and width (diameter) of paper tubes the Laredo cigarette machines filled?
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They were the 'King Sized' cigarettes. The 'regular' were the ones with NO filter, and 'King Sized' were slightly longer because of the filters. You can still get 'tubes' with filters, and a 'machine' to make the cigarettes, but I don't think you can get a 'pack' to put them in ... and the cigarettes are still 'King Sized, unless you ask for '100s' ... and then I don't know how you 'fill' that extra space ... maybe it's just that the filter is longer, or maybe they sell a 'longer' machine ... and all tubes have the same 'diameter' ... it's the same as a 'tailor made' (storebought packs) cigarette is today... the 'regular' ones, not the 'extra thins.'

AND THAT is me knowing FAR TOO MUCH about smoking, because I am TRYING TO QUIT.

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